The Office

What is it?

A virtual reality app which puts the user in a virtual office setting. The user can walk around and interact with other users in the app. The main way of interacting with other users is through voice communication. The office building has a common area where users can chill and talk, along with other office rooms. There are small cabin rooms where users can have individual meetings with one of their colleagues. There is also a conference room where a whole group of people can sit and watch a presentation. There is also a room reservation system. Only Android users can use it with the Google Cardboard VR headset.

How was it created?

Unity was used to create the app. The scripting for object interactions was done using C#. Interactions had to be handled for every single object in the virtual environment, so scripting had to be done on all objects.


Demo Video

This is the common area where coworkers can socialize.

Conference Room for larger team meetings.

Cabin room for one-on-one meetings.

Cabin room for one-on-one meetings.